Exciting news! We are thrilled to introduce a brand new way of remote interactivity, made possible with the help of TRYFUN's professional technical team. With our latest networking feature on Cyberfun App, users can now remotely control their friends' META Serise Masturbator or SURGE PRO vibrator. This includes functions like start/stop, mode switching and intensity adjustment

 But that's not all - if both users own either the META Series Masturbator or SURGE PRO Vibrator, they can also cross-control each other's devices via Cyberfun App for an intimate experience even when apart! In this mode of play, both devices synchronize their intensity levels so vibrations from the vibrator coincide with rotations and expansions of the masturbator.

What's more exciting is that we offer not only cross-control between vibrators and masturbators but also between two vibrators or two masturbators!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a META Series Masturbator/SURGE Pro Vibrator and download Cyberfun app today for an unforgettable intimate experience from afar!









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